Thank your for sharing this. Amy Porterfield used to be my nemesis, not that she was aware of how I talked about how she represented the worst excesses of online entrepreneurship.

It started when I signed up for a free webinar. At the start Amy was recognizing people who were on and where they were from...but as the recording went on I became clear this was not live. It was recorded, and edited badly. I don't have a problem with a recorded presentation. I have a problem with passing it off as live. Imagine going to a concert and having…

My mom and children and spouses and grandchildren early 1980s

In the days since my mother passed away, I realize that I probably know her best. I don’t know everything, and others know parts of her story that I don’t, but as her youngest, I knew her last even though it has been over four years since I last saw her.

My mother was born April 2, 1928 in the farming community of Caro, Michigan. Her parents were Howard Davis and Joy Davis. Both were Davis’s but not related. Howard was from a farming family from outside of Flint, Michigan. Joy was the daughter of a banker from Stanton, Michigan…

Do you need a college degree?

Only 60% of people who start college will graduate within 6 years. For many reasons, many of those who start college stop short of obtaining a degree. While those with some college do have better average salaries than those without college, for many it would be better to not start something that is not going to be finished.

Why college?

College is not for everyone, and it is not always the right time to go to college. Even if you know you should go to college and that the time is right, choosing a college and…

Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show. — Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

There is real power in seeing yourself as a hero. Because then you believe that you can do anything. — Jenny Han

Does Everyone’s Path Include College?

Each year more than twenty million Americans are enrolled in college. About 59% of all bachelor’s degree seekers will actually get one. Over 35 million Americans have tried college and then dropped out short of a degree. …

Photo by Feliphe Schiarolli on Unsplash

Over the last several years, colleges and universities across the country have closed. Many experts including myself anticipate that this trend will continue and expand in the future. Many schools close with little notice disrupting students, faculty, and staff. This article tells the story of my experience closing a university in an orderly fashion and with dignity.

The Announcement

Tuesday February 28, 2017, my university president called a special lunch meeting with the leadership team where she told us that the decision had been made to close the university. …

Christopher Davis

#HigherEd revolutionary with over twenty years experience in higher ed teaching and administration. Opinions and positions are my own.

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