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Conformity is for Conformists

I am the most internally non-confirming, outwardly conforming person you might ever meet.

I blame my brothers. Tim (11 years older than me) and Jim (15 years older than me) were both hippies. In fact, Jim’s nickname was “Hippie Jim” well into his 30s. He was luck in the Vietnam…

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Disclaimer: I am not talking about the character Walter White (Breaking Bad). I am talking about my stepfather, Walt. Yes, that was his real name. I learned many things about entrepreneurship from Walt. Mainly what not to.

Walt was a mechanical engineer. Specifically, he built large office buildings. He had…

It is January 4, so if you have not already made your New Year’s Resolutions, you are already behind. I have put together some notes on planning with a focus on purpose. Goals whether they are New Year’s Resolutions or anytime are more likely to be realized when there is…

Christopher Davis

#HigherEd revolutionary with over twenty years experience in higher ed teaching and administration. Opinions and positions are my own.

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